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Happy 2nd Birthday

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleeping through the nights.

Damien slept through the nights when he was just 3 months old. Alas for Dylan.

Therefore Mummy had been trying to train Dylan to sleep through the nights since then. However it had been such a difficult task that Mummy gave up and will feed him milk when he wake in the middle of the night.

For the past one week, Dylan had been been able to sleeep through the night after his last milk feed at 10 pm.

He would then wake at around 5.30am for his morning feed before falling to sleep again.

Mummy was so relieved and hope this will continue so that she can look forward to good nghts sleep now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Part 2

In the evening, shu shu, Serene jie jie, ah gu, ah yee came for a mini birthday celebration with Damien.
After having a sumptous dinner, it's time to sing the Birthday song and eat the Birthday cake which is of Orange Zest flavour.
Damien is so happy upon seing his cake being taken out of the fridge. He instatntly know how to make his way to stand in front of the cake with the plastic knife in his hands ready to cut the cake.
However when he was asked to blow the candles after we sang the Birthday song, he was stunned for a moment and only managed to give a small blow which has no effect on the candles. Ha Ha Ha.
With a little help from everyone, the candles were blown and Damien happily cut the cake with Mummy's asistance. He was given a slice of his own and started eating it tastfully by the table. Even Dylan enjoyed eating the tiny bit of cake and whiped cream.
Next, it's time to open his present. Ah Yee and Ah gu bought him his favorite Thomas the Train character set and Shu Shu bought him an Adidas Track suit whereas Ah Ma gave him a hongbao instead. Many Thanks for all the gifts.

Happy 2nd Birthday Part 1

It's Damien's 2nd birthday today on 15 Sep 2008.
Times flies quickly. Jus like yesterday when he was just born at KKH.
To make this a memorable day, Mummy had arranged a photoshot session to capture this wonderful day. So she was rushing everyone in the morning ensuring that all the clothes are being packed properly for the shoot.
Then we immediately went to collect Damien's birthday cake at Pine Garden's Cakeshop in Ang Mo Kio. Guess what, it's a Thomas the Train cake.
After much ado, we then proceed to the studio. The photographer, Uncle Benjamin was expecting us at the studio when we arrived. Damien immediately saw the toys and helped himself to playing with them.
Uncle Benjamin had to make so many funny actions and faces to entice both boys to smile at the camera.
And amazingly, Damien is son enjoying himself and smile naturally into the camera. Mummy is very pleased with the photographs.
Unfortunately Dylan was not as co-operative. He was like a 'Koala Bear' and clinch to Mummy for dear life. He is so grumpy and cried whenever Mummy tried to let someone else carry him. That's why he do not have any individual shots as he cannot be left alone without Mummy by his side. No choice loh, have to wait till he is older and more independent then.
Please enjoy the photos in the slideshow.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

It's the mid autumn festival. And Mummy had also forgotten this day until Auntie Megan called to invite us for a mini celebration at her house.
We immediately went to her house at 2nd floor and Gor Gor RongJun is already playing with sparkles and carrying his lantern. Auntie Megan has also prepared a spread of moncakes, teas, pomelo and jellies.
Mummy added onto the spread with her ice-cream mooncakes from Swensen's.
Surprisingly, Damien was not afraid when the sparkles were lighted up. He kept asking for more when the sizzle went out. Brave boy.
Afterwhich we went to the playground downstairs as we saw a lot of other children had gathered for the night.
There was a marvelous display of lighted candles around the playground and many other gor gor jie jie to mix around with.

Super Tots 2008

Saw the advertisement on TV about the Super Tots to be held at Jurong Point on 14 Sep 2008.
And decided to bring Damien to participate in the contest.
We reach Jurong Point at around 9am and there were already so many parents queueing for the registration.
By 10.30am, we are informed there are as many as 300 parents queueing around the mall. Wow!!!
It was a very tiring process and Damien luckily got into the first round where they chose 50 children out of all the participating children.
He was so shy in front of the camera such that he was blushing when being interviewed by host Kym Ng. Mummy tried in vain to encourage him to dance and talk in front of the camera.
But once he is out of the limelight, he started dancing and shaking his body and talk non-stop. Aiyo, why he so like that. Ha Ha Ha. So he lost his chance to get in to the next round of 12 finalists.
Nevermind, Damien, in my heart, you are the cutest among all.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Yesterday Mummy brought Damien to visit the elderly 1-roomers at Chin Swee Road.

This is an activity organised by Mummy's company, CPF Board to aid the needy living in 1 room flats and celebrate the mooncake festival with them.

There was karaoke performance and Damien was given a goodie bag which has a paper ball, lantern and chocolates etc.

Damien, let's bring Dylan along to do volunteer works when you both are bigger.

All in one heart to do volunteer work

Damien chasing and 'scaring' birds

Standing guard at the entrance.

Is my lantern nice?? It can be lighted up.

Damien with Auntie Stephanie, Auntie June and Jie Jie Bee Kee.

Sitting up

Dylan is amazing Mummy everyday.

Yesterday, 6 Sept 2008, Mummy realised that he is strong enough to sit upright on his own without any support.

Besides this he is also very curious and likes to reach out to things for a closer look. However, like all babies, he will put the things immediately into his mouth as if everything can be eaten. Ha ha and mummy has to quickly pull it away from him.

He is also very alert and like to see things. We were in the lift today and there were other people in the same lift as us. Dylan was looking at the other people so intently that he did not even blink a wink. And when he did blink, he was so happy that he kept patting his hands against Mummy. Mummy says sooner or later, she will get 'internal injuries' from all his patting. Ha ha ha.

So, what new things do you have up your sleeves next, Dylan?

Dylan with Tigger

Ready and ......

......Down he goes!!!